Social events, conferences and festivals pivoting to online deserve more than Zzzzoom. Pearl Presents is proud to offer event design on a number of innovative platforms that bring the charm and social connection of offline events, catering specifically to your audience and event goals.

Pearl Presents is a turnkey event production agency providing 2D / 3D & VR Environment Design, Connection / Icebreaker Activities (Planning & Facilitating), Interactive Entertainment Booking, Designing and Hosting Quests, Hunts, and Puzzles, and related virtual event services.

I was initially quite resistant to the idea of online social events. After some coaxing and a lot of existential ennui, I agreed to participate in an event hosted by the very lovely Pearl. I’m always struck by the creativity and the poetry that comes across in the different spaces she creates. As a user, I was pleasantly surprised by how seamless and straightforward each experience was: no need to download an umpteenth app, no requirement to be running different third party software, etc. And as a bonus, I got to mingle with real people, in real time, which felt almost novel!

– Aether

Video chatting just got a facelift! Whether your guests are experiencing Zoom fatigue or you’re just looking for a better way to gather online, you will be delighted to discover this new technology called proximity chatting.

What makes it so amazing?

You and your guests have the freedom to move about the cabin, explore, mix and mingle. This opens up possibilities for so many more types of interaction and engagement.

Proximity chatting is well suited for:

  • Brand Activations
  • Social Events with More than One Person Talking
  • Musical & Vocal Performances
  • Un-conferences, Small Conferences, Conference After-Parties
  • Member or Employee Appreciation Events
  • Team Building

If any of these sound like an event you’ve been missing during this pandemic, proximity chatting will help us all pull through these next few months by enabling online events that feel more like offline.

That was definitely the best online world I’ve explored so far, you’re really onto something, Pearl!

– Christina

Beyond basic connection, our mixed reality worlds will have you sharing experiences with new and old friends alike.

Here are some of the featured venues / set designs we’ve created:

  • Victorian Theater “High Feather Worlds”
  • Sophisticated Speakeasy “The Oyster Club”
  • Charming Art Deco Cinema “Black Rock Bijou”
  • Adventurous Fantasy World “Party Pirates”
  • Interactive Connection Game “Circus Outing”

Pearl Presents is currently offering the above couture themes at ready-to-wear prices!

Events are fully customizable. Environments are immersive and interactive while providing entertainment to suit all comfort levels.

  • Comprehensive Party Packages for 25+ Guests, 1 hour or more – including entertainment and tech support for you and your guests starting at $2,160
  • Smaller Engagements for 2-25 Guests, 1 hour or less – including tech support for you and your guests starting at $920
  • Venue Rental Only for 2-25 Guests – Pearl’s Place is now FREE to the community for artistic and collaborative events!

Need a custom theme or have another idea for your event? No problem!

In a rush? Book a 1:1 meeting with Pearl.

Just exploring your options? Please send a message with any questions and we’ll get back to you within one business day.